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Mr Robert Steinbach
+43 650 6002900

Mr Nico Stein
+43 676 9586914

Big success continues. After brandnewAward different companies and people from all over europe are interested in the new kickbike and -scooter concept. Former BMX- and mountainbike prorider, X-games and ironman hawaii competitor, Nico Stein presented the functional prototype in the cool brandnew-village of the incredible big ispo.

ISPO Munich 2010 - brandnew

Scooter prorider Anthony "Twan" Bustos checked out the KickMX and gave instructions for the further developement of scooter-types. As we see in the pic, flair tailwhip in the the big volcom-miniramp is not really a problem for him.

KickMX proriders Julian Davis and Phillip Fürber are dirt-specialists, but made nice tricks in the flat for the german TV H3 and

Meatfly was presented with a nice booth. Cool designs and products for the whole freestyle community. Teammanager and BMX prorider Pavel Caha checked out the KickMX as well as BMX prorider David Janac. Both handled the KickMX easy with 360, tailwhip etc. Check out their great team-action on